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We collaborate on data visualization and analytics projects, economic research, and policy writing to better inform government entities on the impact of COVID-19, clear misconceptions, and the good that is happening.
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Join our global organization comprised of students from these institutions and more:
We’re also partnered with these organizations:
Center for Geographic Analysis - Harvard University
COVID Policy Alliance
Harvard Innovation Lab
Harvard Political Review
MIT Innovation Initiative
Students against COVID
Wharton University of Pennsylvania Africa COVID-19 Challenge
We're looking for driven and talented individuals to join our team remotely. Learn more about our teams and ongoing projects here.
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We’re looking to form partnerships and project collaborations with organizations that either have data we can use or seek data. We welcome organizations who are willing to provide mentorship and resources to help us fulfill our mission.
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The Coronavirus Visualization Community, or the CVC for short, is the larger community of the CVT and has learning opportunities, research projects, and a community of like-minded individuals who are not as experienced in data science or just want to help out during the COVID-19 pandemic. Having a community of over 1,000 members we have multiple current initiatives which include:
  • An Intercollegiate Discord -- a place where high school students can ask for advice and college students can attend events, network, and hangout
  • eLearning Courses and Initiatives -- we have partnered with Beyond The Five to create a series of COVID-19 data science and research courses in addition to creating the Educational Non-Profit Coalition which is a huge mailing list of organizations who are actively contribute to education
  • CVC/JOGL Research Projects -- we have over 15 active projects that CVC members can work on in collaboration with JOGL and partners. Some of our projects include: distribution of FDA approved testing kits, general visualization projects, medical research projects, and many more
If you are interested in joining the CVC please join our Slack Workplace at: https://bit.ly/Join-CVC.
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